pregnancy termination, abortion​

Today. Discreetly


The Abortion can be done immediately


We work with the approval and supervision of the Ministry of Health, with full transparency and with the best medical conditions


Pregnancy termination does not affect your chances of conceiving in the future


With us you can have a medical abortion until your 9th week, and surgical abortion until your 12th week

It's your right to know

And your right to choose

Despite Contraceptives and high awareness, this can happen to anyone – unwanted pregnancy.
It is important that you have the right and the knowledge to decide which kind of abortion you want to do under the best medical conditions available, in order to protect your health and your future fertility.

No. you only need to call 073-7780002 and come to the clinic

Sunday through Thursday 8:00-22:00, and on Friday until 4 pm, you can call and schedule. The day for the abortion will be determined at this visit, according to your preferences, in order to avoid disrupting your daily routine.

First, we will meet, and i’ll answer all your questions. Later, the pregnancy diagnosis is done by ultrasound. This test determines the age of pregnancy accurately, and according to this data and according to your preference we`ll determine the way and schedule for the abortion.

Things you want

to know

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