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This site is an image and aims to expose the user / user to the services provided by Dr. Guy Gutman. This site also sells activities.
This policy may change from time to time, at Dr. Guy Guttman’s sole discretion, and you must periodically update this page for such changes. Dr. Guy Guttman may, but does not have to, notify you of any changes to these Terms by email or page update This.
Dr. Guy Guttman’s Website may collect data for its use in order to identify patterns of interest and search in order to help us maximize the experience of using the Website, including the IP address and the like. Browsing and / or using this Site by you constitutes consent to this Privacy Policy and your consent to Guy Guy Gutman may use the information described.
The “Contact Us” forms on the website are intended for filling in users who wish to contact them for more details. The personal information that the users leave on the “Contact Us” forms is also intended for future updates and / or updates on promotions and / or events that take place from time to time on Dr. Guy Gutman’s website.
The site uses “Cookies” (a string of letters and numbers that are used to preserve user preferences and are stored in computer memory). Failure to use cookies or your choice not to allow them to be stored on your computer may result in the site being inaccessible to you, such as not being able to keep your preferences on the site. You can avoid this by changing your browser settings. You can use the browser help file to do this. However, disabling cookies may impair your ability to enjoy the full range of services on the site.

Transferring Information to Third Parties – Service Providers – Links to Other Sites
Dr. Guy Gutman will not sell and / or disclose to your third party your details unless required to do so by law, and in the event of a legal dispute, we do so at our sole discretion.
Dr. Guy Guttman may use the services of subsidiaries and / or subcontractors to operate the Website, and may receive personal information required to perform their activities and services. Dr. Guy Guttman’s Website includes links to other websites. We are not responsible for the other sites, their content or their nature and you must read the terms and conditions of use of each linked site.
Receive marketing messages
You can ask to stop receiving marketing emails from Dr. Guy Gutman at any time. For your convenience, every marketing email has a link to be removed from the mailing list.
Legal disputes
This Privacy Policy, like the Terms of Use, is governed by Israeli law. In the event of any dispute regarding the use of the Website, and all that arises therefrom, there shall be sole jurisdiction in the Tel Aviv Courts only. The registration on Dr. Guy Guttman’s computers will constitute a decisive evidence of the correctness of these drawings.

The site content may not be used without Dr. Guy Guttman’s written permission, including the site structure, content, information contained therein and the images contained therein. Dr. Guy Guttman’s trademarks are his sole property and you may not use it without prior written permission. Any other trademark, whether registered or unregistered, product names or companies listed on the site belong to their owners.
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