Abortion with pills/ Medical Abortion -What You Need To Know

important information

You can take abortion pills until the end of your 8th week of pregnancy  (63 days from your last period).
This process is safe and simple. All you need to do is swallow two different kinds of pills within a three day period.
You will not need to enter an operation room, reducing your chance of infection.

The abortion process

Dr. Gutman will perform an ultrasound and tell you about the process, after which you will be referred to our social worker, who will help you receive the consent of the Pregnancy Termination Committee. 

Once approved, you’ll be given 3 “Mifepristone” pills, which you will take with water on a full stomach before going home.

These pills are hormone blockers. They block the Progesterone hormone created by your body during your pregnancy, leading to the embryo sac disconnecting from the uterus lining, ending the pregnancy.

What are the side effects of the "Mifepristone" pills?

Some women can experience nausea and vomiting for up to 2-3 days.

You can take medicine to relieve these symptoms.

48 hours after your first meeting, you will have to return to the clinic and take 2 “Misoprostol” pills.

These pills contract the uterus to emit the pregnancy in the form of bleeding, much like your monthly cycle.

You will stay with us for two hours for supervision before heading home.

What are the side effects of the "Misoprostol" pills?

You will start to bleed 30 minutes after taking the “Misoprostol”.

In the first few hours, the bleeding can be heavy and contain blood clots.

You will also feel contractions that, along with the bleeding should lessen within the coming days.

What to do after the bleeding stops?

2-4 weeks after taking the pills, you’ll visit your doctor for a checkup and ultrasound to see that your uterus is clean.

4-6 weeks after taking the pills your cycle is to be expected.


What you must know

There are 10% chances that the pills won’t complete their job and the ultrasound will show that there are remains inside your uterus, and the abortion will need to be completed with suction in the operation room.

Also, if the bleeding doesn’t show signs of reduction after a few days into the abortion, contact your physician to consult.

Fever over 38 that lasts more than a day also requires you to phone your physician.

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